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Cloud Native
Application Security

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Advanced Container Image Protection

  • Scanning Dockerfile for Best Practices
  • Base Image Scanning
  • Scanning for Vulnerabilities in Third-party Libraries
  • Continuous Scanning and Monitoring for Detection of new Vulnerabilities
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Security Automation

  • Automating the Code Analysis in CI/CD Pipeline
  • Continuous Security Configuration Assessment and Compliance Checks
  • Real-Time Threat Alerting across Apps and Services
  • Enable automated workflow for Iterative Security Changes
  • Automate the Vulnerability Assessment Process
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In-Depth Kubernetes Security

  • Implementing Best Practices using Policy-as-Code
  • Auditing Container and Cluster for Best Practices
  • Container Runtime Scanning and Protection
  • Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

Secure your Cloud Native Environment

Akirastack can help you to achieve your security goals and provide real-time visibility about your organization’s security posture by continuously monitoring and auditing your environment for new vulnerabilities and by detecting security configuration drifts.

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Pipeline Security

Ensure secure and faster deployment of applications by shifting left security and automating security checks.

Getting Started

Securing the Infrastructure

Automate and Enhance your Infrastructure Security by implementing Policy-as-Code and Compliance-as-Code.

Getting Started

Application Security

Secure your Web Applications by automating your static and dynamic application testing capabilities.

Getting Started

Proactive Approach towards Security

Managed Security Operations for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure which includes Managed Security Services,Risk and Compliance Management,Real-Time Monitoring Solution,Managing Multi-Cloud Data Security with Multi-Layered Security Framework and Automated DevSecOps Security Pipeline.

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Threat and Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

A 6-Level Journey to ensure protection of your critical assets. This journey will ensure that you have a proper process in place to address the vulnerabilities. Threat Analysis is an integral part of this process.

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Risk Based Approach

Analyze your security posture from an attacker's perspective. This approach enables you to align your security posture and privacy controls with your organization's risk management framework.

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Secure SDLC process by building security into CI/CD workflows. It uses Continuous Delivery as the control backbone and the automation engine for ensuring security and compliance.

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Automating Security

Automating security checks, audits and configuration drifts across the environment. This enables you to increase your deployment speed while keeping your security checks and processes in place.

Why Akirastack ?

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Security First Approach Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We treat security as your top priority and enable you to ensure data security and privacy by enforcing strict policies, thereby preventing data leakage and misuse of data.

Higher Level of Usability and Performance Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

With automated security checks and workflows we can help you achieve a higher level of security with ease of usability, enhanced performance and faster deployment of resources with security checks in place.

Active Guidance on Elimination and Remediation Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We provide you with a solution that's helping you to determine the robustness of your security posture and the vulnerabilities that need to addressed first in order to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches.

End to End Kubernetes Security Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We help you to achieve complete end-to-end kubernetes security which includes everything from container image security to container runtime security following Policy-as-Code principles.

Compliance Management Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We help you to fulfill your compliance requirements by ensuring continuous compliance checks and audits using the principles, practices and patterns of Compliance-as-Code.

Monitoring and Alerting Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We help you to gain a clear visibility into your workflow and generate near real-time alerts by following the approach of Four Golden Signals of Monitoring and Three Pillars of Observability.

Proactive Vulnerability Management Akirastack Hide Icon Akirastack Show Icon

We help to recover faster from attacks and reduce the impact of attacks by analyzing your attack surface and attack vectors and ensuring that the baseline level of cybersecurity needed to protect your business are in place.

Get the Latest Security Insights

Explore about the latest cyber-attack techniques and gather insights about how you can protect yourself and your organization from these emerging cyber attacks and threats.

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Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities are one of the biggest threats for the organisations with no possible permanent solution coming in the recent years.

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Fileless Malware

Cyber-attacks involving Fileless Malware are growing rapidly. These malware doesn't exist as files within the hard drive and leaves traces only on runtime memory.

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Meltdown and Spectre

Hardware related vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre existing inside processor chips are hard to defend due to its existence in the low level of the system.

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Phishing Attacks

Even today, phishing exists as one of the biggest threats as it accounts for about 90% of all security breaches and this threat is continuously rising.

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Advanced Persistent Threat

APTs have gained much popularity over the past few years as these attacks use continuous, clandestine, and sophisticated hacking techniques.

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Zero Day Vulnerabilities

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Fileless Malware

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Hardware Security Concerns

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Phishing Attacks

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Advanced Persistent Threat